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Azalea J. Halden

The plot you want with the lovin’ you want.

Azalea J.

<<< Azalea J. Halden >>>

Original Stories: Can be found either at AdultFanFiction.net or at FictionPress.com.
FanFiction: All fics written by me can be found at my AFF.net page.

10 Random Things you never needed to know about me...

1---I collect quotes. Stupid quotes, funny quotes, poetic quotes, philosophical quotes...
2--- I absolutely adore foxes. If I could own one I would. For now I’ll settle with my dogs, two lovely bichon/shihtzu crosses that make sure I get out of the house at least once a day.
3---I work as an assistant manager at a movie theatre, so I get all the free movies I want, which is a good thing, because I’d go broke in a month if I didn’t. (I. Love. Movies.)
4--- I’m on the fence about Canadian spelling — in some cases it’s wonderful, in others it’s wonderfully annoying. Like colour. What a completely useless u.
5---I believe in proper punctuation. I do. I also believe in improper punctuation occasionally. Strunk and White agree with me.
6---I have tattoo's. I like them a lot. I intend to get more, eventually.
7---My favourite colour is green, and on that subject guess what my favourite flower is?
8---When I see two men alone together I immediately assume they're dating. It's a bad habit of mine.
9--- I’m Pagan. There are a couple different kinds, but mostly I worship nature and celebrate the Winter and Summer Solstices. I don't have a deity per se. I am not wiccan.
10---I have a slight addiction to grapefruit, especially the juice version of the stuff—it's like pink porn in drink form! That was not supposed to rhyme...



Where the Moon Lies
Type: Novel / Original / Fantasy (werewolf/magic) / Romance
Summary: Jesse Decanter had a wonderful, loving mother and father. Then his mother died giving birth to his sister, Kingsley, and his father took him and his newborn sister into the wilds. For many years Jesse and King learned to appreciate everything the land had to offer them, but then their father left on a desperate hunt for food during the winter shortage and never returned. All alone in the wilderness, Jesse and King had to learn fast to survive on their own. And just to make things more complicated, Kingsley's a horse.
Meanwhile... Alden Kellenwood's life couldn't be more different than Jesse's: he's got a twin brother, two younger twin sisters, another older brother and a brand new baby brother. He's got a steadfast mother and father, and he literally lives at the top of the world—on a sunlit mountaintop. But one winter night during a mountain blizzard, a half-starved stranger and his horse take desperate refuge in his family's barn, and Alden's life will never be the same.
Current Progress: Five Chapters / ??? (HIATUS)
Availability: At AFF and FictionPress.

Dragon's Destiny
Type: Novel / Original / Fantasy (dragons/magic)
Summary: A human sorcerer, a dragon, a fari, a human princess, a sidhe (a dark elf), and an elf are about to save their world from war. They just don’t know it yet.
Kalem is a sorcerer-in-training at Ragana Keep, where his master, the Head Sorcerer Rhihodri, maintains the balance of magic in the land. When a dragon attacks the keep looking for magical tomes the sorcerers are in agreement the dragon must die—all except Kalem, who decides to risk everything to save the dragon and find out what tomes it was after, and why. He couldn’t have foreseen the consequences of his actions.
Current Progress: 24,500 words / Est. 90,000 words
Availability: Currently unavailable.


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